Video of the Week : Optimo Radio

Hungry – Yung Surreal ft. Klondike Kat

Yung Surreal of Hongree Records links up with the SPC Legend Klondike Kat to rep that real street shit, comin raw and from the heart as always. Yung Surreal is the epitome of Hungry. He is a true grinder and is one of our favorite artists to work with. Klondike Kat has been one of our favorite artists since we fell in love with the Houston scene, I’ll never forget the day I got Mobbin Muzik Melodiez, i still know most of the words to that album. Hongree Records and the South Park Coalition are the real Houston. Feel the streets.

RAW – $. x Tuk Da Gat ft. Lil J (Prod by Eric Dingus)

My League fam out the ATX is back once again shittin on all you fuck boys. RAW the hard core single produced by Austin super producer Eric Dingus features S. Dot and Tuk Da Gat bringing their League of Extraordinary Gz brother Lil J on with them to make for a killa track. This is a slow syrupy beat with fresh lyrics and jus make ya wanna take a dab an hit them streets. #GreenRoom comin soon… one day. It will be here. And you will be able to get it here at Optimo Radio. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive #RIPEsbe #AwwwMannn

Sertified ft. Lowkey – Cold World

sertified big

My homies Sertified of DIE SLO and Lowkey of the LOEGz team up to drop one of the realest songs I done jammed in a minute. Cold World, is just that. Addressing this cold ass world that we’re living in, when we’re just tryin to find some peace where we live!!! Man this is the kind of music that represents what Optimo Radio is all about. Its time to wake yo ass up and turn up this real ass music. Get with it. #RIPEsbeDa6thStBully #RIPTiny Some of Austin’s Finest… #LOEGz #DIESLO

Everythang Slowed Down – D-Frost ft Macc Grace


Brand new D-Frost featuring the man himself who coined the term, If It Aint Local It Aint Live, Macc Grace. D-Frost teams up with the SUC OG for a dope H-Town slowed down track that we all love. Directed by B-Luce you know its gon be sick. Another dope addition to the Video of the Week here at Optimo Radio. Make sure to keep up with all the latest and greatest music comin out da underground. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive  

Roosh Williams – Dream Shook (Hakeem Olajuwon Tribute)


The homie Roosh comes with another slam dunk for H-Town. Dream Shook, an amazing tribute to one of the most important figures in Houston sports history, Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. One of my personal heroes, I loved to see this video because it’s not a rap video its a sports highlight video with a great tribute song by the homie Roosh Williams. This is one of my personal favorite tracks off of Roosh’s Deja Roo: Times Have Changed album. Roosh has really set himself above the rest of the pack, by meticulously releasing quality product over the course of his career. His moves are well thought out and well executed. His skills speak for themselves,…

Where I Live – Sertified ft. Kydd Jones


Brand new visuals from my homie Sertified out tha ATX. Reppin that Die Slo camp, Sertified teams up with Kydd Jones of the LNS Crew to make a fresh dope track, askin the question we are all dying to be answered. CAN I GET SOME PEACE WHERE I LIVE?!?! So much going on in the world and we at Optimo Radio appreciate artists who take the time to put meaning and depth into their lyrics. Check out this video as we put it Video of the Week and check out all their music comin out, which you can hear here on Optimo Radio 24 hours a day. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

T2 The Ghetto Hippie – “Vibes” Visual Series


My homie T2 The Ghetto Hippie came thru to present his “Vibes” Visual Series he did with the amazingly talented homie J-Dub. They did a 4 part series and we are proud to bring it to ya’ll. Make sure to support these local artists out here doin’ something different n fresh. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

Doughbeezy – Bumpin’

doughbeezy bumpin

Brand new visuals from tha Southeast Beast, Doughbeezy. Holdin’ it down for the H, it’s safe to say theres not really anyone else grindin like Dough in 2014 out here. The man is everywhere you need to be, plus everywhere people be askin him to show up, and I know how much energy and time that takes and its nothin but respect for that hustle. Couple months in to his latest album, Footprints On The Moon , and the whole city been bumpin it, only right it’s time to hit em with the new single, Bumpin’. Directed by: Greg Noire & Danny Ocean of Evesborough Films, the video is gritty and raw, lettin ya’ll know…