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ESG – Ocean Of Funk

esg ocean of funk

9pm its the #ClassicWednesday Pick of the Week. ESG w/ his freshman release, Ocean Of Funk, released in 1994, this Solo produced masterpiece changed the game in Houston. It had a budding young DJ, by the name of DJ Screw slowing down the single Swangin N Bangin at the end. This was the first time I had heard of DJ Screw, and I remember having a tape deck duct tape to my handlebars of my bike and i used to swang up and down the block when I was 14. This album really helped create our Houston culture and E’s ahead of his time flow can be heard in the freestyles and raps of many…

The Best of the Geto Boys – #ClassicWednesdays 11am


#ClassicWednesday Pick of the Week – THE BEST OF THE GETO BOYS at 11am on Optimo Radio Watch the Geto Boys on Unsung tonight at 7pm cst on TVONE

Classic Wednesdays on Optimo Radio

z-ro look what u did to me

This Classic Wednesday we take a look back at the album that changed the game in the H. Z-Ro’s Look At What You Did To Me released in 1998, was an underground hit and soon to be a must have in any Screwstonian’s catalog. Z-Ro has recently said he is no longer the dude from this cd and now wants to be known solely as The Mo City Don. We appreciate Z-Ro aka The Mo City Don for making a classic like this. Real music about the struggle is what we love here at Optimo Radio and we gon rep for the real 25-8 #IfItAintLocalItAintLive

Classic Wednesdays on Optimo Radio


This week’s #ClassicWedneday Picks of the Week are the South Park Mexican with one of his most successful albums, Hustle Town, followed immediately by K-Rino’s The Hit List. Make sure to support the artist and buy the albums. Amazon Itunes or Order directly from K-Rino at K-Rino is droppin 2 new albums in September, TheRAPeutic and Plantation Rebellion proving once again, no one can do it like the Wizard!! Free SPM!!

Classic Wednesdays on Optimo Radio

geto boys til death do us part

Every Wednesday we pay homage to the music that made us who we are and keep our local history alive to share with all those who grew up during it or might just be hearing some of these hits for the first time. This week’s Album of the Week is one that had a huge impact on me and really put me on to Houston rap. The Geto Boys 1993 release, Til Death Do Us Part. This was the first album missing Willie D, who was replaced with Big Mike and really holds his own alongside Scarface and Bushwick. This album features hits like Crooked Officer, Straight Gangsterism, Bring It On and so much more….