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Live From The Underground Vol. 1 – Roosh Williams

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Welcome to the Underground! Optimo Radio has been going hard 4 years straight bringing nothing but the best of reality based rap music that comes out of Texas 24 hours a day. Our flagship show, Live From The Underground, premiers all the latest and greatest music being released and also interviews the dopest artists in the scene. Once a month we take our best interview and hand pick a selection of new music to help paint a picture of what the Optimo Radio experience is all about. This month’s feature is Roosh Williams, one of Houston’s most lyrically advanced up and coming MC’s, Roosh has been featured in numerous publications including The Houston Chronicle, Complex,…

Fiesta Weekend 2K14 – Throwed Fella Ent x Optimo Radio

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Optimo Radio and the homie D-Frost of Throwed Fella Ent have teamed up to bring you, Fiesta Weekend – H-Town 2 SA-Town 2K14.  This dope mix features some of Texas’ dopest artists. D-Frost kicks it off, and is followed strongly by Dirty & Nasty, Doughbeezy, Big Gerb, U-Neek, Worldwide, Sniper, K-Rino, Z-Ro, Al-D, Ronnie Spencer, Rasheed and much more!! Get the free download of our interview and full mixtape, mixed by DJ Andy this mix’ll give ya something to swang to up an down I-10, make sure to check it out. Shoutout to all our SA people who rock with us. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive  

Onehunnidt – Empty Goals ft. Bee Honey


The homie Onehunnidt comin with somethin fresh and different on this track, Empty Goals, is a jazzy soulful track, lyrical content is on point and once you hear the hook, you know  it’s Optimo Radio material fo sho! “Money cars and hoes for an empty soul. Stuntin, buyin clothes is an empty goal” This is why I cut for the homie, he recognizes what’s real in life and is bringing truth to the mic while still keeping it current, fresh and new. We work hard to dig thru the sea of bullshit to find gems that speak to the soul instead of just copy whatever is current. I love to hear good songs like this,…

Z-Ro – Comin’ Dyne


New single surfaced today from Tha Mo City Don, Z-Ro. Comin’ Dyne, dope lil track got a real current rap vibe, but Ro wreckin’ as always. Lookin forward to hearin’ all the new music he gon drop on the people. We all know about that Z-Ro/Slim Thug album we all anticipatin’ but here at Optimo Radio, we are REALLY waitin’ on a Z-Ro / Klondike Kat cd we had heard was in the makin a while ago. I’d love to hear that #FreeKlondikeKat make sure to support everything Ro doin that he gettin paid for!!! #IfItAintLocalItAintLive #SupportOurLivinLegends

SouthSide SouthWest – Optimo Radio Mixtape

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#SouthSideSouthWest the brand new mix from Optimo Radio is a classic H-Town mix chopped up by Screwed Up Records & Tapes own, DJ Red. Our other mix, Live From #SXSW just released, we wanted to provide a mix of the classics that we play as well so people who are just finding out about Optimo Radio can find out what they’re in store for. We play tons of classic Houston rap as well as all the best of the latest, a lot of this music was so underground its new to most people. Not only is it jammin, we deserve to know our true H-Town history and we at Optimo Radio aim to make sure…

Live From #SXSW – Optimo Radio Mixtape

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The brand new release from Optimo Radio, Live From #SXSW, hosted by @LoveAthena features all the artists who are performing at our official #SXSW Showcase Saturday March 15th at The 512 on 6th in Austin Tx. Get the free download here or email to get your copy!! Quick DL – Live From #SXSW DatPiff Stream & DL Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by

Trakksounds Live On Optimo Radio


#NewMusicTuesday we’re bringin you the latest and greatest comin’ out tha Dirty 3rd. Join us Tuesday night about 8pm cst as the legendary Trakksounds stops by to premier his latest release, Intervention 2, which he is releasing tomorrow along with Rapid Ric and our homies Intervention: Episode 2 features tracks from all the dopest MCs in Texas. From Scarface, Chamillionaire, Devin The Dude, Killa Kyleon, MJG, ESG, Doughbeezy, Paul Wall, Roosh Williams, and the list goes on and on. This star studded compliation is guaranteed to be one of the top Texas releases this year. Trakksounds will stop by and check out these tracks with us live on air, and smoke a few blunts…

Slowed Down SX 2K14 – @ThaRealChino


#TopFlightRadio host drops his latest mixtape release, Slowed Down SX 2K14, and premiers it here tonight at 9pm on Optimo Radio. Every Monday night at 9pm @ThaRealChino hosts his own show highlighting the best MCs from Austin and all over Texas. This slowed n chopped mix features artists like Sertified, LOEGz, Big Gerb, V.I.P., Propain, GT Garza, WorldWide and whole lot more. Make sure to grab the free DL Right here and tune in at 10pm. #IfItAintLocalItAintLive FREE DL >> SLOWED DOWN SX 2K14